Oct 12

How To Get Rid Of A Dark Spot On Face

There could be several causes of a dark spot on face. Whatever the underlying cause, having dark spots on face could make an individual feel a loss of self-confidence. It is common to find people often finding themselves feeling self-concious and eventually developing an inferiority complex due to dark spots on the face. However, there are several solutions available that help you to lighten spots on face. These range from medical intervention to external application of recommended creams and lotions. A dark spot on face can lightened until it is barely visible on your face.

Darks spots on the face can result in a lopsided skin-tone balance that can prevent people from feeling good about themselves. Consequently, it is natural for people to seek modern and innovative methods to get rid of dark spots on face. Irrespective of the cause of the dark spots on face, people usually get flustered with them and want them removed permanently.

English: Melasma on the face

English: Melasma and dark spot on the face (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Luckily, modern dermatological solutions offer effective options that are able to remove dark spots on face. These include laser treatments among other medical solutions.

A dark spot on face can be a burden to carry even for the most optimistic people. There are several kinds of dark spots on the face. These can be categorized into the following groups:

1. Age induced dark spots: These are dark spots caused by advancing age. In appearance, the typically tend to look irregular and much larger in size than freckles. Age-spots are usually found on the arms, chest and neck areas of the body. These are also referred to as ‘solar lentigo’ in medical terminology. They usually appear when consistent exposure to sunlight damages the body’s melanin producing cells called melanocytes.  With modern means at hand, it is possible to clear a dark spot on face using laser procedures and chemical peel treatments available in clinics.

2. Vitiligo: Dark spots on face may also appear due to deep rooted skin problems such as vitiligo. This condition refers to a problem that results in a noticeable and significant pigment loss. For the treatment of dark spots on face caused by vitiligo, people can use ultra-violet rays or laser treatments after referring themselves to a qualified dermatologist for treatment.

3. Melasma: Melasma refers to a dark spot on the face that are often caused by hormonal imbalances in the body. These dark spots not only occur on the face but also on the chest areas. Melasma is more often seen in women who are pregnant or those are on contraceptive pills. The hormonal imbalance causes uneven distribution of melanin that tends to trigger the occurrence of dark spots on face. Treatment for dark spots on face caused by Melasma range from Ruby laser treatments to glycolic acid peels.

Most solutions that clear dark spots on face may include the combination of one or more treatments. By using a combination of recommended treatments like lightening creams and externally applied medications, you can effectively get rid of a dark spot on face.

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