Why do you have a dark spot on face?

A dark spot on face may have several causes underlying it. Finding an effective solution to get rid of dark spots on face is much easier when you are able to identify the reasons for their occurrence in the first place. Dark spots on the face

Question Mark on my Face

Dark Mark and Spot on my Face (Photo credit: ellenmac11)

are primarily caused by a concentration of dark pigment under the skin area. This accumulation of dark pigment can occur at any time during an individual’s lifetime right from birth.

By understanding how the dark spots on the face develop, you can decide which solution can be the most helpful to remove dark spots on face. The following is a list of reasons that may explain how you develop a dark spot on face:

Accumulation of the melanin pigment

Melanin is the pigment that is responsible for skin darkening. Melanin actually protects your skin from sunlight. But coagulation of melanin (Melanin accumulation in one spot) could be a primary cause of a dark spot on face. Melanin coagulation can result in the development of moles. For removing dark spots from face, you can resort to laser treatments in the event that the cause is traced to melanin coagulation.  In most of the cases, a simple skin lightening cream will resolve this issue as well.

Excess exposure to sunlight

People who have experienced excessive exposure to sunlight may face the problem of a dark spot on face. This is also referred to as age spots. Strong sunlight can cause dark spots on face given its propensity to destroy melanin manufacturing cells in your skin. These are called melanocytes. Once the melanocytes are damaged, there is an abnormal spike in melanin production that could eventually result in dark spots on the face. The danger of excessive sunlight also lies in the exposure to ultraviolet rays that are known to damage skin cells. Research also indicates that older individuals are more prone to gaining dark spots than younger people. As age increases, the human body typically produces larger quantities of melanin than it used to.

Damaged blood vessels

Yet another reason for dark spots on the face is the existence of damaged blood vessels under the skin. This problem is usually seen in newborn babies. These dark spots on face usually continue to survive before disappearing. If they do not disappear on their own, you may have to seek treatment of dark spots on face for your child.

Dark spots on the face are generally caused by problems connected to hyper pigmentation. It would be correct to say that genetics play a big part in the generation of dark spots on the face. Though there are several home remedies for dark spots on face, the first step lies in investigating the underlying causes. Once the cause is analyzed, then you might want to read up on options on how to get rid of dark spots on face and choose the one that seems the most likely to address the basic cause.

In order to verify the reasons for the dark spot on face, you might want to consult your dermatologist or doctor who will help you understand the root cause before suggesting treatment options.  In the meantime, check out the video below to see what you can do to lessen the impact about dark spot on face and to feel confident when you go out.

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